Buchstapel zum Thema Wein


Mosel Fine Wines, Jean Fisch and David Rayer

„This is a stunning collection that the Schaefer family has crafted in 2013. This wines combine zest (without acidic hardness), plenty of Graacher aromatics, and the tell-tale light-feathered „silky touch“ which has made the success of this Estate over the years.“

Robert Parker, The World’s Greatest Wine Estates, 2005

Robert Parker zählt das Weingut Willi Schaefer zu den 100 besten Weingütern der Welt.

Vinum / Handelsblatt, Dez. 2013:

Das Weingut Willi Schaefer gehört zu den 100 besten Weingütern Deutschlands.

Terry Theise / USA über Willi Schaefer Jahrgang 2012:

„…,there is one reason these wines are so beloved. Part of it is they’re so scarce; the estate is all of 4 hectares with no desire to grow. Part of is the wines themselves; they’re silly with delideliciousness. And as crystalline as they are, as ethereally complex and limpidly clear, they have a quality of calm; they don’t fuss at you how amazing they are. They are, dare I say, affectionate; they just sit in the glass and love you. And so we love them back. –“