Graacher Himmelreich

Graacher Himmelreich

Weathered Devonian slate | South-Southwest | 45-75% | 110–325m above sea level

The vineyard name of Himmelreich might come from the site’s exposure. Graacher Himmelreich surrounds the site of Dompropst and is also classified as VDP.Grosse Lage®. Himmelreich is well protected by wind and frost and has good heating from the slate soil for an even and full ripening of the grapes. The many water veins provide optimal care of the vines here.

Rieslings from Himmelreich mostly tend to be more silky and charming, with a fine fruity acidity and minerality. The aroma is often characterized by citrus and yellow and white peaches.

Weingut Willi Schaefer owns two hectares of vineyards in Graacher Himmelreich.

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