Graacher Domprobst

Graacher Domprobst

Weathered Devonian slate | South-Southwest | 45-75% | 120–260m above sea level

Graacher Domprobst steeply rises directly above the village of Graach. Domprobst is an enclave of Graacher Himmelreich, and is thus the core part of the Graach sites.
The Trier Cathedral Provost was due one-third of the tithes of wine from Graach – that’s how the vineyard got its name.

Due to the topography, Domprobst is well protected from cold winds and frosts. The warming of the very stony, argillaceous slate causes a uniform and full ripening of the grapes. The many water veins optimally supply the vines with water. The deep topsoil, with plenty of clay, gives the wines from this site its distinctive more powerful character. It needs time to mature, in order to show off even more elegance and mineral finesse. Very often Domprobst wines are more wild, earthy and spicy than the ones from Himmelreich.

The steep slope of Domprobst is classified as VDP.GROSSE LAGE®

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